Casual Shirts for Men

There is only one place you need to look for Casual Shirts for Men, and that is “LUCHO.” We know how important it is to have well-made, stylish, and comfy casual shirts that look good on everyone.

A Wide Range of Patterns and Styles

Your clothes should be in different sizes. LUCHO’s unique collection of Casual Shirts is made to be tailored to a wide range of tastes. We have a huge selection of colors and styles, so it will be easy for you to find casual shirts that you like. LUCHO has what you need, whether you want a basic stripe, a bright single color, or a new flower pattern. Our Casual Shirts are made from a lot of different fabrics, so you can pick the one that fits your style and comfort. We have a wide range of fabrics, from light cotton for hot summer days to warm, cozy fabrics for the winter. Because they are so versatile, you can find the right shirt for any event, from a casual weekend trip to a formal business meeting.
The experiance of tailoring

The Experience of Tailoring

We’re proud at LUCHO to give more than just ready-made choices. If you tell our skilled tailors what you want, they can make you a shirt that fits perfectly. Which type of fabric is best for you? What kind of collar and cuff style goes best with your style? What kinds of buttons and thread combinations make your shirt stick out? There’s more to offer in Casual Shirts for Men than just the style and fabric. They need to fit just right. Our tailors make sure that your shirt is made exactly the way you want it. Not having to deal with clothes that are too tight or too loose in different places is over. Custom-made shirts from us will fit you perfectly and look great at the same time.

Body Type-Friendly Fit

There are many different body types among guys, which is why our casual shirts are made to fit a wide range of body types. No matter what kind of body you have—thin, athletic, or more average—our shirts will fit you well and look good on you. If you want to feel better about yourself and look your best, LUCHO makes sure you get the right fit. Our Casual Shirts for Men come in a range of sizes, and we pay close attention to the little things, like sleeve length and shirt length, to make sure you get the best look. No one should have to choose between style and fit, so we only sell casual shirts that can fit each person’s body type.
body type friendly fit
quality beyond compare

Quality Beyond Compare

Quality is the most important thing to us at LUCHO. The best materials and most skilled workers are used to make our casual shirts. You can be sure that you will get the most out of your investment because we only sell goods that will last. You can count on LUCHO to have high-quality shirts that can handle the wear and tear of daily life. Quality is important to us in every part of our shirts, from the buttons to the stitching. We make sure that every detail is carefully considered so that you can get men’s casual shirts that are both stylish and long-lasting.

Styling and Selecting

It's time to invest in your lifestyle with our stylish sport coast. Our professionals have a clear understanding of how to create your styling in detail, with the best combination of colors, proper fit, and balance. We are providing a complimentary 1st session.

Lucho Custom-made garments

A 30-year history of making the best-fitted clothes sets a bar for exceptional artistry. Customized to your exact measurements using up to 300 measuring points available. Expertly crafted suits, dress shirts, dress slacks, tuxedos, casual wardrobes, and overcoats transform your expression.

Fashion Care & Alterations

Our hand wash and steaming specialty service provides appropriate care for your clothes, giving you peace of mind. No matter what changes you need, our master tailors can make them.

The Perfect Addition to Your Wardrobe

Finally, “LUCHO” is the best place to buy casual shirts for men in terms of quality, style, and design. A stylish shirt that fits well is an important part of men’s fashion, and we want to help you look your best all the time. You’ll be able to find casual shirts that fit your style among our wide range and expert fitting. Our shirts are made to be the perfect addition to any man’s closet who cares about both style and comfort.

Versatile wardrobe

There are many ways to wear casual clothes. They’re easy to change into for a more formal business-casual setting after a day of hanging out with friends. A selection of casual shirts from LUCHO is made to fit in with any modern man’s outfit.
Our shirts are made to be flexible so that they can be worn in any situation. You can wear them loose for a more relaxed, casual look or with shoes on for a more formal look. You can wear our shirts with jeans for a casual trip or dress them up with pants and a jacket for a more put-together business-casual look.

Check Out Our Collection

Our collection of Casual Shirts for Men has something for everyone, whether you want a basic piece that will always stay in style or something new and trendy. We would like you to look through our selection and see how a well-fitted men’s casual shirt can change your everyday look.
plaid and checke

Plaid and Checked

For casual clothes, plaid and checked designs are always a good choice. You can find a pattern that fits your style because they come in many different color and size combinations of checks. These patterns have a basic look that can be used in many different ways. This makes them great for everyday wear and semi-casual events.


Shirts with stripes are also a stylish choice. Straight lines, wavy lines, or stronger vertical stripes can make your casual clothes look more stylish. If you want to look more stylish, wear your striped shirt with dress pants instead of jeans.
floral or tropical

Floral and Tropical Prints

In men’s fashion, floral and tropical prints are very hot right now. These patterns are great for hot weather and will make your outfit more interesting and fun. It’s easy to find a print that you like because they come in many color combinations.

Patterns that are Geometric or Abstract

People who want to make a fashion statement should wear patterns that are geometric or abstract. Many of these designs use bright colors and shapes that stand out, giving them a unique and interesting look. They’re a great choice for people who like stylish things that are new and different.
patterns that are geometric
classic neutrals

Classic Neutrals

Casual Shirts for Men in neutral colors like white, black, gray, and blue will always look good. They are very flexible and can be worn with many different pants and gear. Neutrals also make things look clean and fresh.

Choosing Pastel Colors

Light blue, soft pink, and mint green are all pastel colors that can add a touch of softness and grace to your casual clothes. You can wear them in the spring and summer with basic or contrasting colors.
choosing pastel colors
earth tones

Earth Tones

Colors that look natural and earthy, like olive green, rust, and brown, are becoming more popular. They are great for making you look stronger and more stylish, especially in the fall.

Bright and Bold Colors

Red, royal blue, and mustard yellow are all bright and bold colors that can make a statement for people who like to stand out. When you wear these colors, they really make you feel confident and full of life.
bright and bold colors

Styles of Collar and Cuffs:

1. Button-Down Collar: This is a standard collar style. The collar points are connected to the shirt with small buttons. It makes you look neat and professional, and it goes well with both relaxed and professional clothes.
2. Spread Collar: The collar points on a spread collar are bigger, making a wider “V” shape. It looks stylish and modern, and it goes with a lot of different tie knots. If you want a more stylish casual look, this is a great option.
3. Cutaway Collar: The cutaway collar is even bigger than the spread collar, giving it a bold and unique look. Casual shirts that are more on trend have this style. People who want to make a fashion statement often choose it.
4. Chinese Collar: This type of collar doesn’t have any points. It’s also called a band collar. It has a clean and simple look and is often found in casual clothes with a more modern and basic style.
5. Barrel Cuffs: These are the most common type of cuff. They have a simple round shape and one or two buttons that let you change them. They can be used for many things and are good for most situations.
6. French Cuffs: These are pulled back and held together with buttons. They are also called double cuffs. They make you look classy and are usually only worn to more formal events. But they can also make a formal outfit look more stylish.
7. Convertible Cuffs: These cuffs can be worn with buttons or cufflinks so that you can play around with your style. These Cuffs are a good mix of old and new styles.

Trendy Styles

Short Sleeve Shirts

Casual Shirts for Men with short sleeves are great for summer. They come in many shapes and colors, so you can stay cool and look good at the same time.

short sleeves shirt
classic collar shirts

Classic Collar Shirts

These shirts have a band collar and a buttoned opening that make them stand out. These shirts have a modern and unique look that works well in smart-casual or semi-formal settings.

Retro and Vintage Styles

Camp collar shirts and other shirts with unique prints and features that look like they belong in the 1970s are making a comeback in men’s fashion. These styles have a look that is both retro and trendy.

reto and vintage styles

Think about your style, the event, and the time of year when picking out casual clothes. There are so many patterns, colors, and trendy styles to choose from that it will be easy to find the perfect casual shirt for your taste and your outfit.

Let’s talk about collar and cuff styles, button and thread combinations, and other important parts of making your casual shirts unique:

Buttons and Groups of Threads:

  • Different Kinds of Buttons: You can change the buttons on your casual clothes to make them your own. Normal buttons are the most common choice, but you can add a touch of class with beautiful pearl buttons or make your shirt stand out with different buttons.
  • Color of the Thread: You can choose a thread color that goes with or against the cloth of your shirt. It’s a small thing that can make your shirt look better generally. If you match the thread color to the shirt fabric, it looks clean and simple. If you use a different thread, it looks stronger and more appealing.
  • Combining Buttons and Threads: You can be creative by putting together different types of buttons and threads. For example, using beads, rings, and thread that are different from each other can make a pattern stand out. It gives you a chance to make your shirt more unique.
  • Kinds of Buttons: If you order a custom shirt, you may also be able to pick out different kinds of buttons. A placket that is hidden or covered looks more sleek, but a placket that is seen and has buttons that stand out can make a statement.

You can show off your personality and make a shirt that really fits your style by choosing the right collar and arm styles, buttons, and thread choices for your casual shirts. These small touches can make your outfit look better and make your Casual Shirts for Men truly yours.

Buy or Order men’s casual shirts that are comfortable, stylish, and can be worn in many ways. Learn about LUCHO and improve your casual shirt game right now.