About Us


Elegant Story

Perhaps it is the clicking of your heels on the cool white marble, the welcoming ambience and the sight of a gleaming motorcycle right inside the door that signals to the visitor that this isn’t just a random boutique. Each visit to LUCHO offers an adventure, a chance to open one’s mind and enhance the exploration of a life worth savoring.

Patty Sturion

Patty, co-owner of LUCHO, is the image enhancer to a host of international and local clients. Many of her clients are already in the media spotlight, and others are on their way to greater successes.
Lucho Founders

Héctor Villareal

Hector, co-owner of LUCHO, knows how to blend casual elegance and subtle sophistication for his global clients. His ultimate design integrity and welcoming spirit create an atmosphere where impeccable taste embraces personal service.