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We hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time.

To comply with the recommendations regarding the current coronavirus situation, we are limiting our hours of operations to facilitate availability to our existing clients and their appointments.
Currently we are fulfilling orders, receiving deliveries and attending previously scheduled appointments. Please contact us via phone, email, text or social media as walk in traffic is limited to existing clients.
We are postponing, as you can imagine, planned events until further notice. We are keeping our head high with optimism that this too shall pass. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

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Again, thank you for your continued support.
Sincerely, Patty, Hector & Marry.
Rocky, Pipoca, Chiby, Lolo, Bonita and Gordo included!

Please take care and God bless us all.

Services Available


just call us for an appointment at
(832) 4958-558

If you wish to shop
from home

we will text or email pictures of your choices and we offer free shipping or delivery
(832) 495-8558 or

Wardrobe consultation and closet organization

we can meet through facetime to discuss your project – (832) 495-8558